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Outsourcing of teams of sales representatives

Depending on the individual needs of our partners, the outsourcing of the sales team can be implemented under two models:

  • Dedicated model: services are provided exclusively for the needs of a specific client.
  • Shared model: services are provided at the same time, for the needs of several, non-competing entities.

One of the main reasons companies decide to outsource is to reduce costs and minimise the risk of a failure, by being able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of companies specialising in particular sales areas.

Properly coordinated outsourcing sales is a guarantee of the achievement of objectives.

Employment Administration

Our model combines the key elements of administration, management and employment in a simple, efficient, customised package to suit your needs, significantly minimising the risk of being an employer in today’s environment.

We offer an Employment Administration service while eliminating many of the costly and time-consuming elements of the process.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a service to take over all your team management needs or prefer to manage it yourself, we have the experience to help you. With our assistance, you will focus on the development of your organisation, allowing us to handle the critical aspects of human resource management.

Consultants and Promoters

The activity of the Consultants and Promoters focuses on the proactive selling of our client’s products using both theoretical and practical product knowledge, supported by high-level sales skills.

The scope of their work is usually strictly dependent on the needs of the client and the industry in which it operates, as well as the requirements of individual retail chains. The vast majority of their activity is based on active sales combined with merchandising of both the product and supporting materials.

Sometimes the work of Promoters and Consultants is also supported by samplings, tastings or local product presentations. Sellpoint prepares and implements all these services, both jointly – as a package – and separately, depending on the current needs of our Client.

Teams of Vansellers

We offer a service to support direct sales (vanselling) and indirect sales (preselling), with the use of local distributors. We have our own teams of Vansellers, operating throughout the country.

  • We have 140 selected SKUs on offer (impulse, high-margin products).
  • We work directly with manufacturers. The logistical service is provided by our central warehouse, from where the products reach the representatives directly.
  • Representatives are equipped with vans and have the necessary tools to handle the entire sales process, directly at the POS.
  • We carry out the most extensive visit model providing sales, merchandising and control at the POS.
  • We study all the elements that allow our clients to respond effectively to the actions of their competitors.


Merchandising of BTL

We take responsibility for advertising materials that support sales. We are prepared in terms of organisation and process to exchange materials at several hundred points of sale per day.

  • We are involved in the assembly, implementation and replacement of most BTL, POS and POSM advertising materials.
  • Tasks are most often carried out in places such as: petrol stations, markets, shopping centres, retail outlets and showrooms, press salons or beauty supply shops.
  • The tools we use most often are: stoppers, wobblers, display panels, display stands, advertising stands, toppers, price bars, displays, shopping trolleys, pads, frames, change trays, advertising hoardings, stickers, posters, stands.
  • We carry out work in shop windows. We change displays, suspend banners, paste up shop windows, wallpaper pre-walls and temporary walls.
  • We service all sales channels. We have our own technical and assembly teams throughout the country.

Management of POSM

As a part of our management of POSM, we offer to take responsibility for the ‘life cycle’ of most of the advertising materials provided by the client. The way in which this area is managed is of importance and has a direct impact on the time, costs and effectiveness of marketing and sales activities. It is worth entrusting the management of this area to specialists.


  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Bulk breaking
  • Distribution
  • Relocation
  • Preventive maintenance and servicing
  • Disassembly and utilisation


  • Radzymin Logistic Centre – Surface area of 10000 m2, Class A
  • Warszawa Annopol Logistic Centre – Surface area of 4000 m2, Class A
  • Błonie Logistic Centre – Surface area of 8000 m2, Class A

Buy-outs and utilisations

We provide a buy-back and utilisation service for non-moving, discontinued or past the expiration date products. Due to the extensive distribution network, this service is often a considerable operational challenge.

Sellpoint, thanks to its extensive structures and in-house logistics facilities, is able to carry out the process quickly and efficiently without involving the internal resources of the partner.

The process comes to an end with the submission of reports, copies of purchase invoices and the required utilisation report. Experience, transparency and a properly coordinated field operation are a guarantee that the objective will be met.


We support companies in their existing e-commerce business or help them start such a sale. Depending on your needs, we can take responsibility for all or selected processes. E-commerce is currently the most rapidly growing sales channel, which increasingly constitutes a competitive advantage in the market.


  • Design and implementation of IT solutions
  • Management of the e-shop sales platform
  • Procurement support
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Bulk breaking and packaging
  • Helpline, customer service support
  • Returns receipt and handling
  • Supplier management